Own Your Choice, Never Get Cornered Again!

- Have you ever been caught onboard where there is NO bidet?
- Have you travelled abroad where “bidet” is a luxury?
- Have you been camping where a bidet is “a dream”?
- Have you tried to change your baby’s dippers on the go?
- Have you brought good times to an end just cause the venue doesn’t offer a bidet?
- Do you already have a portable bidet, yet, it is too bulky to carry everywhere and you get embarrassed to be seen?


The list of these questions is endless…
With SplashFree from FreeLady, moving forward, you won’t answer any of these questions “Yes” anymore!


Enjoy Great Times With No Compromise!

- SplashFree is a practical and user-friendly nozzle that converts your portable plastic water bottle to a convenient bidet on the go.
- SplashFree is discrete only 7 cm in height and 11gm weight.
- SplashFree is compatible with most commercial portable plastic water bottles with low profile screw cap.
- SplashFree is an accessible bidet anywhere you go, unlimited to toilet in your hotel room, you can use it in camps, restaurants, cafes, and wherever you like!
- SplashFree is Eco-Friendly, reusable, and made from 100% safe recyclable plastic material.
- Use your SplashFree anywhere and anytime you have limited access to a proper bidet.

Designed and developed for your convenience to guarantee peace of mind when you need a bidet, regardless where you are!

Ideal For:

- Use when in public toilets like Airports, Aeroplanes, Highway, Railway, Malls, Offices, and all other Public Facilities.
- Use overseas where bidets are not readily accessible.
- Use at home when you have difficulty to access a functional bidet.
- Use when there is NO bidet at all (Camping or Safari).

How To Use Your SplashFree?

- Add the desirable volume of water in your portable plastic water bottle.
- Screw-in your SplashFree nozzle on the bottle mouth in the place of bottle cap.
- Invert your bottle, water will start to flow from your SplashFree nozzle. If you like, you can squeeze your bottle to control the speed and strength of flow from your SplashFree nozzle.
- Once done, unscrew your SplashFree nozzle from the bottle mouth and discard the bottle or clean it if you wish to reuse it in the future.
- Like you do every time in toilet, wash your hands and SplashFree nozzle with mild soap.
- Dry your SplashFree after each use and before storage.

General Precautionary Advice:

- Use your SplashFree ONLY pursuant to directions of use stated on this page.
- SplashFree is NOT a toy or drinking tool.
- Keep SplashFree out of reach of children and animals.f
- For hygienic and safety purposes, SplashFree is For Personal Use ONLY. Do NOT share with others.
- Do NOT insert your SplashFree nozzle into your anal canal or vagina (Use only as Instructed for use above).
- Do NOT expose your SplashFree nozzle to excessive heat or open flames.

Attention Please:

- FreeLady cares for your personal safety and health, due to the intimate hygiene nature of the product, SplashFree is sold in closed packages sealed with a safety-seal. Do NOT accept this product if package is not completely intact or if safety seal is broken, breached, or altered.
- FreeLady cares for your personal safety and health, SplashFree will NOT be returned or exchanged unless package is closed and safety-seal is intact as in purchase condition.
- Model and package of your purchased SplashFree may be changed for future improvements without prior notice.

Inside The Box:

- SplashFree portable nozzle.
- SplashFree Storage Pouch.
- Instructions for Use and Precautions Leaflet.

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