Me Luna® NUPSi M

Product No: G-5008-02
90.00 EGP / per unit
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Perfect for New Users!

The "NUPSi" is a flexible rod 100% made in Germany from high-quality medical grade ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE).
You can thread the "NUPSi" through the ring of your Me Luna® Menstrual Cup in order to make a longer handle.
The "NUPSi" helps inexperienced users to more easily place and remove the Me Luna® Menstrual Cup.
The "NUPSi" can be moved into any position! It is quite soft and pliable.
a pair of scissors, you can simply shorten the "NUPSi" to the desired length.
Please choose the appropriate size of the NUPSi to your Me Luna® Menstrual Cup with ring. If you already have a Me Luna® cup, please check the marking inside of your Me Luna® cup before you buy the NUPSi.
When removing your Me Luna® Menstrual Cup, always push down gently with the pelvic floor muscles. Do not pull the handle of the Cup or the "NUPSi". Take hold off the bottom of the Cup once you can reach it.